Roku jailbreak gives users control over the channels they install

It’s been years since the GTV Hacker team revealed a method to gain root access on Roku devices, but now they operate under the banner and once again report a software crack for the streaming hardware.

According to RootMyRoku llamasoft developer, the exploit takes advantage of a pair of vulnerabilitiess to activate a persistent root jailbreak. It should run on RokuOS v9.4.0 with the Realtek WiFi chip, which includes “almost all” Roku TVs and some of the boxes. RokuOS 10 blocks this particular method, but you may not have received the update yet.

Obviously, this is useful for enthusiasts who want more control over their box, but it presents security concerns, and on the Github page, the developer begs Roku to follow other companies’ lead in creating a program. bug bounty. It would pay the people who find these exploits, giving them more reason to find and highlight them so that they can be corrected, rather than allowing any sort of nefarious activity.

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