‘RuneScape’ is heading to iOS and Android this summer

is to mobile devices this summer. While the classic MMORPG has been in Early Access on iOS and Android for some time, it will be opening up to everyone in the coming months. RuneScape will remain free, with additional skills, quests, and other perks for .

Publisher Jagex claims the game saw over 2.1 million mobile installs during early access. It also hit a record number of subscribers last year, with over 1.2 million. So during RuneScape More than two decades old, the franchise still has a thriving user base that seems ready to play on the go.

If you are an existing RuneScape player, you will be happy to know that the PC version supports cross play and cross progression. You have access to all your quests, characters, equipment, etc. Jagex redesigned RuneScapeUI for mobile and gave it a visual and operational overhaul. It redesigned menus, icons, text and textures, and refined combat mechanics for mobile users.

You can now pre-order RuneScape at and pre-register on . If enough people do, Jagex will unlock exclusive cosmetic items.

It won’t be the first time the RuneScape franchise has landed on iOS and Android. In 2018, Jagex , which is based on a 2007 version, on mobile. It also supports cross play with PC version.

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