Samsung’s Galaxy A22 could be its most affordable 5G phone yet

Samsung brought its prices for 5G phones back to Earth when it unveiled the Galaxy a32 earlier in the year, but now it’s about to make fast wireless completely commonplace. Frequent prognosticator Ishan Agarwal has given 91mobiles what appear to be press images and specs for the even cheaper Galaxy A22 5G device. The budget 5G phone wouldn’t stand out on its own with its plastic body, triple rear cameras (48MP, 5MP, and 2MP), and the teardrop-shaped selfie camera notch – instead, the specs l ‘would help attract buyers.

The Galaxy A22 5G would run on a MediaTek Dimensity 700 chip and use 6.4 inch LCD screen (if 1080p) to save cost, even if it would have 5000mAh battery. You would have a potentially more powerful overall phone by going for the LTE variant, as you would get an AMOLED display and a 2MP fourth rear camera in exchange for the slower wireless technology.

Agarwal has not learned the price and availability of the two A22 models. It’s safe to assume that the new handset will drop the Galaxy A32 5G’s official $ 280 price tag if and when it hits the US, however, and that’s before Samsung’s generally aggressive discounts. You can already get the A32 5G for $ 205 on sale – an A22 could easily sell for under $ 200. This could make 5G accessible to even more people, especially in the US and other countries where non-Samsung Android brands tend to struggle.

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