Security and privacy risk: Apple’s Cook attacks EU technology rules | News from the European Union

The digital markets bill aims to limit the power of America’s tech giants.

Apple boss Tim Cook on Wednesday targeted the European Union’s proposed rules to limit the power of US tech giants, saying they could pose security and privacy risks for iPhones.

Cook, in his first public comments on the Digital Markets Act (DMA) proposed by EU antitrust chief Margrethe Vestager, said some parts were good but others were not. He said he was concerned that the draft rules might cause more installation of apps that don’t come through Apple’s App Store, or “sideloading.”

“You take an example here where I don’t think it’s in the best interest [of the user]: The DMA language currently under discussion would force sideloading on the iPhone, ”said the CEO of Apple, speaking remotely, at VivaTech, the largest technology conference in France.

“And so that would be an ultimate way to get apps on the iPhone,” he said. “It would destroy the security of the iPhone and many of the privacy initiatives that we have built into the App Store or the privacy intrusion labels and the transparency of app tracking.”

Earlier this month, EU lawmaker Andreas Schwab, who is leading the European Parliament’s review of the draft rules, said he wanted to strengthen the legislation and restrict its scope to only large companies like Google, Amazon, Apple. and Facebook.

Apple would join the debate and try to find a way forward, Cook said.

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