Somalia: suicide bomber kills five in attack on tea shop in Mogadishu | Somalia News

Four others were injured in the explosion which targeted a tea shop frequented by young people, police said.

Five civilians, including a child, were killed when a suicide bomber blew himself up in a teahouse in Somali capital Mogadishu, police say

“At around 7:00 p.m. (4:00 p.m. GMT) in the evening, a suicide bomber blew himself up in a tea room frequented by young people,” police spokesman Sadiq Dudishe said in a statement on Saturday.

“Six people, including four young people, a child and the suicide bomber died in the explosion. Four others were injured, ”the statement said.

A witness said the suicide bomber entered a crowd drinking tea in an open area near a police station.

“I was walking out of a restaurant a few hundred yards from where the explosion happened, I was shocked by the explosion and it was huge. I saw people rushing to the scene and injured people being carried, ”said witness Ali Mohamed.

“The police cordoned off the area, but I saw several bodies taken in an ambulance, they were young men, including two from the neighborhood where I live,” he added.

No group has yet claimed responsibility for the attack.

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