Sports giant Neymar appears to be heading towards ‘Fortnite’

Fortnite and football (aka football) are no strangers to each other, but now it looks like the two are deepening their relationship. As Eurogamer Explain, Epic Games has teased The appearance of Brazilian sports star Neymar in Fortnite March 16. It’s unclear exactly how he’ll manifest himself in the Battle Royale game, but there’s no doubt he’s him – Neymar’s number 10 jersey and Neymar’s own Twitter. reaction are strong clues.

The addition would come at the same time as a single-player mission, Zero Crisis Finale, intended to facilitate player access to Chapter 2 of Season 6 and to reshape “reality as we know it”. The timing is somewhat ironic for Neymar himself, however. The Paris Saint-Germain player has been sidelined with injury for most of the past few months, and he is not expected to return to the pitch until later in March. Fortnite could be Neymar’s only place of competition for a few days.

Even so, it is a big problem. Neymar is one of the best-known athletes on the planet, and even a fleeting appearance could help spark interest in Fortnite. The question is whether or not other current football legends will follow. We don’t expect to see Messi or Ronaldo claiming a victory royale, but we can’t rule them out completely.

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