Spotify increases the price of its family plan in the United States

Spotify is increasing the price of its Premium Family plan in the United States. As of April 30, it will cost $ 16 per month, up from $ 15 per month, to get up to six in the same household access to the company’s ad-free listening experience. Spotify announced the price hike in an email it sent to current subscribers.

“We are increasing the price of Premium Family so that we can continue to bring you new content and features that you can enjoy as a family and as individuals,” the company said in the post. We contacted Spotify for confirmation and more information. According to the email, Spotify will extend a one-month grace period to current subscribers. This means that they will see the increase reflected during their June billing period. Spotify has said it will increase the cost of its Premium Family plan in certain markets as a result of its Second Quarter Results Report.

While you never like to see the price of a service go up, American customers don’t have it too bad, at least for now. Through The edge, Spotify increases the price of its student, Duo and family memberships in the UK and parts of Europe. In the first case, these will cost £ 6, £ 14 and £ 17 per month on April 30, up from their monthly costs of £ 5, £ 13 and £ 15, respectively. Whether you live in the US, UK, or Europe, the price of an individual Spotify Premium subscription is not increasing at this time.

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