Suicide Squad’s King Shark was a pain in the ass for James Gunn

King shark

King shark
Picture: Warner Bros.

James Gunn knows how to make visual effects look realistic. His work on Marvel guardians of the galaxy with the creation of Rocket Raccoon and Groot made characters a staple in the MCU.

However, its most difficult creation is King shark from the new DC comic book movie The suicide squad, which Gunn directs. In an interview with Game radar, Gunn provided insight into the complexity of King Shark’s development process compared to his work on Guardians. “From a character point of view, he is very different from [Rocket and Groot], because in the end, with the Guardians, we know they’re good, ”Gunn says. “This is not the case with the Suicide Squad. King Shark is a fish, and he eats human beings. He doesn’t have such a mammalian love for people. But he wants to belong and he wants to show he’s smart. And it is not.

The difficulty appears to be due to the type of animals Gunn works with. A raccoon can stand up straight, and when it’s time to get what it needs, it can use its hands. A shark has no hands or legs, but King Shark is a walking, talking shark with arms and four webbed fingers on each hand in the comics and the movie. Gunn confirms this by stating, “Rocket was difficult because it’s difficult to take an animal and turn it into a humanoid form, but it’s five times harder to do it with a shark – it was a very difficult process. , very laborious. “

Sylvester Stallone lends his voice to the shark man. Stallone and Gunn appear to have a good working relationship as the Rocky star has also appeared in Guardians of the Galaxy 2. Interestingly, Gunn went with more of an animated look than using practical effects for Killer. Crocodile first Suicide Squad film directed by David yesterday. You would never know how complicated creating this character was, as Gunn gives these characters photorealism to make them look authentic and believable on screen.

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