T-Mobile Customers Receive Free Pandora App Containing Sirius XM Content

SiriusXM has owned Pandora since 2018, but we haven’t seen the content of the two brands overlap too often during this time. That is about to change with a new joint promotion between SiriusXM and T-Mobile. From March 23, the carrier will offer its customers a new “improved” version of the Pandora application which includes ad-free weekend listening through March 2022 and a “Top Tracks” hub powered by SiriusXM. The latter will feature songs from channels like The Highway and Hits 1. You will also have access to original audio broadcasts, in addition to early access to Pandora podcasts like The Hoda show.


The fact that you can only get this version of Pandora as a T-Mobile customer is a bit odd, but it’s a smart move on SiriusXM’s part nonetheless. Its union with SiriusXM is one of the things that helps Pandora differentiate itself from its competition like Spotify. To discover the application, start by downloading the T-Mobile Tuesday software then use the Pandora deal once it becomes available on March 23. At this point, you will either need to create a Pandora account or sign in to an existing account. Every weekend you will have to watch a “short message”, but after that you will be able to listen to a personalized station without further advertising.

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