Talking is suing Amazon again, this time in Washington state

Talking can have voluntarily , but the company is not yet ready to abandon its legal battle. On the same day it dropped that previous action, the company filed a new lawsuit against Amazon in a Washington state court, according to The edge.

In the center of Talking is the claim that Amazon broke its contract with the company by failing to comply with a provision that allows customers 30 days to resolve an issue before the service terminates. Parler says he wouldn’t have registered with Amazon if it hadn’t been for that provision. “Immediate termination – darkness – is incredibly damaging,” he said in the complaint. “Having 30 days to treat or find another host is absolutely essential [sic] to avoid millions of dollars in damage and potentially irreparable harm. He also alleges that Amazon “attempted to justify the repudiation based on allegations against Parler that it” knew it was wrong. “

An Amazon Web Services spokesperson dismissed the lawsuit as unfounded. “… As the evidence from the Federal Speaking trial shows, it was clear that there was significant content on Speaking that encouraged and incited violence against others, which is a violation of our terms of service,” he said. the spokesperson told Engadget. “In addition, Parler was unable or unwilling to identify and promptly remove this content, which, together with an increase in this type of violent and dangerous content, has led to their services being suspended.”

We asked Parler to comment.

Amazon cut Talking about And while he was finally able to make his way , it is still not possible to download your mobile application from the and . It is also treated as an internal drama after the dismal former CEO John Matze.

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