Teenage Engineering’s Capcom videopaks mix your music with classic games

The maker of gadgets and audio synths Teenage Engineering is team up again with Capcomannouncing today that it brings street fighter and Mega man video content at its OP-Z application. Companies had previously released pocket synths with designs based on the same two games, and now music makers can use the new Capcom videopaks to add retro game scenes to their music.

According to Teenage Engineering, these videopaks use original graphics from the street fighter and Mega man and are available for free in the iOS, Android and macOS apps. You can time fight scenes and moves to your music so that a knockout lines up perfectly with a melodic climax, for example. You would need an OP-Z synth for controls, which starts at $ 599, and personal use of these videopaks is royalty-free.

Teenage Engineering does not only have partnerships with Capcom. It is also published a Rick and morty– thematic version of its Pocket Operator, and more recently launched an audio and furniture line for the home with IKEA. The popular synth maker has also been named as one of co-founders of the new venture of former OnePlus director Carl Pei, Nothing, and will lead product design for this company. As it expands into more categories and collaborations, it’s clear that Teenage Engineering will soon become a household name for more people. In the meantime, those who own an OP-Z and love Capcom’s game graphics can play around with the 12 scenes now available in the app.

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