Telegram Finally Adds Group Video Calls

The long wait for group video calls The telegram is finished. With the latest version of Telegram’s iOS, Android and desktop apps, users can turn their group voice chats into video conference calls. You have the option to pin someone’s video feed to your screen so that they stay in the foreground even when new participants join the call. Unsurprisingly, you can share your screen if you need to give a presentation or want to show off something. Here you have the option to share both your camera feed and your screen.

With today’s release, group video calls are limited to the first 30 people who join a voice chat, but this is a number that Telegram says will increase “soon” as it expands voice chats to take into account. loads live events and other new features. You can participate in group video calls on your phone, as well as on tablets and computers. On these latest devices, Telegram will take advantage of the extra screen space they offer to give you a better view of whatever is going on. Specifically, on tablets, you can open a side panel to display a split screen view with both a grid of video participants and a list of all participants on the call.

Not even counting the fact that Telegram is adding group video calling later than many of its rivals, it took a long time for the functionality to come to the messaging app. , Telegram said it would add group video calling later that year. The end of 2020 has come and passed without release. Then, almost exactly a year after its initial announcement on the matter, Telegram CEO Pavel Durov said the company take out the tool in May. Obviously, Telegram missed that deadline as well, but now that group video calls are finally in the app, you have to imagine that many Telegram users will appreciate the addition.

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