Telegram launches video conferencing feature in May

Starting next month, Telegram users will be able to participate in group video calls together. According to Pavel Durov, CEO of Telegram, the tool will include the typical features that you will find in a video conferencing service, such as noise cancellation and screen sharing, as well as support for mobiles, desktops and tablets. The company will also add its own flavor to group video calling. Calls will have the speed and encryption that users expect from the platform, Durov wrote.

Telegram already supports individual video calls as well as group voice chats. Still, it’s an addition that will give Telegram a bit more parity with the likes of Zoom, WhatsApp, Messenger rooms etc.

The service adds group video calling later than many of its competitors in the messaging space. Telegram promised almost exactly a year ago, as the pandemic has set in, to introduce them sometime in 2020. Even though group video calls arrived later than expected, the feature could be a welcome update for many Telegram users.

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