Tesla Solar Panels and Powerwall Batteries Become a Package

If you are still considering getting a Tesla Powerwall or equip your roof with its redesigned solar panels, you should probably consider doing both or going somewhere else altogether. Elon Musk revealed in a Tweeter that “From next week, the Tesla solar panels and solar roof will only be sold as an integrated product * with * the Tesla Powerwall battery” creating the kind of brand synergy he was looking for.

Electrek reported last month that Tesla website had started telling potential Powerwall buyers that the only way to get the battery in demand would be to order solar panels as well, so it looks like this policy works both ways. Beyond just linking two big-ticket items, Musk went on to say that “Tesla can unlock higher capacities for free via a software update next month” for Powerwall 2, and that for new installations, the solar energy will exclusively power the battery.

Of course, like Electrek also mentioned, even if you already have a contract with Tesla for your panels, he may have amended the deal with a higher price than initially estimated, citing “the complexity of the roof”.

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