Tesla’s Model S Plaid May Contain Retractable Spoiler

It’s no secret that Tesla Model S Plaid should be quick, but there are now hints that Tesla could tweak the design to handle that extra performance. As Electrek possesses learned, Kilowatts have Point a Model S prototype (most likely the Plaid or Plaid +) with a retractable spoiler integrated into the trunk. The concept of an extendable wing isn’t new to sports cars, but it is an electric luxury sedan – it has to be fast if the car’s weight isn’t enough to hold it firmly. implanted.

Tesla has made ambitious performance claims for its three-engine Model S variants. The ‘standard’ Plaid model is expected to reach a top speed of 200 MPH, accelerate to 60 MPH in just under two seconds, and can travel a quarter mile in just over 9.2. seconds. Plaid + should be even faster offline.

There is no certainty that either of the finished Plaid models will reach drivers with integrated retractable spoilers. A lot could happen by the end of summer launch of the Plaid base, not to mention the mid-2022 debut of the Plaid + variant. However, the test vehicle suggests that Tesla is determined to claim a performance advantage over its rivals, and it is not relying solely on the new Roadster to succeed.

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