Tesla’s Powerwall + is a more powerful battery for off-grid life

It appears that Tesla has started sending information to its potential customers over an upgraded Powerwall which is aptly called Powerwall +. In a post on Reddit spotted by Electrek, one user posted a spec sheet of the battery, along with photos of what it would look like when installed. The battery capacity of the upgraded version is still 13.5 kWh, but its maximum power is now 9.6 kW, compared to 5 kW continuous and 7 kW peak. That said, this power boost is only possible when you’re in off-grid mode.

The datasheets describe Powerwall + as follows:

“Powerwall + is an integrated solar battery system for storing energy from solar production. Its integrated design and streamlined installation allow for simple connection to any home, and improved surge capability brings whole-home backup in a smaller package. Intelligent system controls allow homeowners to customize the behavior of the system based on its renewable energy needs. “

Tesla chief Elon Musk started talking about an improved Powerwall 2 on Twitter a few days ago on the sidelines of his announcement that Tesla’s solar panels will not be sold in package with the Powerwall. The company “may unlock higher capacities for free via a software update next month,” he tweeted, adding that the battery could increase its power by more than 50% at 30 degrees Celsius ambient temperature, according to of its date of manufacture. During the most recent income call, in which he revealed he sold more cars in the first quarter of 2021 than ever before, Musk mentionned Tesla began production of the upgraded Powerwall around November 2020.

The datasheet distributed by Tesla also shows a photo of the new Powerwall installation. The battery itself doesn’t look different from other versions, but the new installation comes with an inverter that has a built-in circuit breaker. Since the original poster that received this datasheet was finalizing its order for Tesla Solar, future solar customers could get this Powerwall setup.

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