The best electric toothbrush is half the price ($ 25) for Prime Day

We browsed Amazon for the absolute best Prime Day deals, and this is one of the offers that WIRED staff members have texted their friends and family on. the Colgate Hum is the best electric toothbrush we tested, and the battery powered version is only $ 25 on Amazon when you cut the coupon on the page. (The full discount will be displayed during checkout.)

Like many Prime Day discounts, this offer is only available to Prime members. You can sign up for a 30 day free trial here, but don’t forget to cancel if you don’t want to.

Colgate Hum Battery Powered Electric Toothbrush costs $ 25 ($ 40 off) on Amazon – Click Coupon Button

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Shopping on Prime Day has been compared to rummaging through a garage sale. You sift through boxes of dated clothes and browse tables full of dusty books in the hopes of finding that vintage Beanie Baby or solid silver dinnerware set. Think of this electric toothbrush as a hidden gem – a truly stellar needle in a haystack.

The Colgate Hum (9/10, WIRED Recommend) is already quite affordable. That’s part of why we love it so much. Despite a smartphone app, smart hygiene tracking, attractive aesthetics, and cheap replacement heads, it typically only costs $ 65 – or $ 80 for the. rechargeable version. This is much less than similar models from other brands. We passed out from the infrequent price drops to $ 50 for the plug-in model (one of those infrequent price drops is happening now), but $ 25 for the AAA battery powered version is the kind of crazy upgrade that makes this shopping vacation exciting. The discount will likely end when Prime Day does so at midnight PT tonight.

Not everyone needs a smart toothbrush, but you’re supposed to replace your teeth cleaning tools every three months or so. If you are considering upgrading to an electric version, now is a good time to do so.

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