The Clubhouse app will be available worldwide on Android by May 21

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In front of declining app downloads on iOS in recent months, Clubhouse has one thing to say: Hello, Android.

The audio social network announced Sunday in a town hall, it will be deployed to Android users around the world by Friday, May 21 afternoon. IIn a Twitter post, Clubhouse said it would begin its expansion with Japan, Brazil and Russia on Tuesday. The company said it will add availability in other countries throughout the week, adding that it will launch in Nigeria and India on Friday morning.

Clubhouse told Gizmodo on Sunday that he had started its first wave the deployment of the beta version of Android in the United States last week. Ultimately, the company also launched its app in New Zealand, Canada, Australia, and the UK. Clubhouse said the app is still invite-only, but people can download the app from the Play Store and friends of the app can invite them.

In addition to announcing its global expansion on Android, Clubhouse said he was working on feature parity on Android and iOS. TechCrunch points out The Android application of this Clubhouse still lacks several features offered on iOS. When Android launched last week, the outlet said, users couldn’t follow a topic, create or manage a club, link their social profiles, make payments, or change their profile name.

While Clubhouse’s expansion to Android was expected, and some might say late, the app could hopefully the rollout to more devices will allow it to recover its lost vapor. Since its iOS launch last year, the app has seen explosive growth, attracting tech billionaires like Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

The shine around the Clubhouse recently started to decrease, But. According to analytics firm SensorTower, Clubhouse recorded 2 million downloads in January, then rose to over 9.5 million in February. Downloads fell in March to 2.7 million, and then again in April, when they fell below one million.

The reasons for the growth of the Clubhouse roller coaster in recent months are still unresolved. Some say that the app became a success because it launched at the start of the pandemic, a time when so many of us were stuck inside and hungry for human connection. Today the world is different. Things are reopening. Vaccinated people are take off their masks and go outdoors, so the idea of ​​chatting on an audio-only platform may not have the same appeal.

The landscape for social apps is also different as users have more options. Big Tech’s social apps all copy the Clubhouse format. Instagram, for example, gave users the ability to turn off their audio or video when using Instagram Live. Twitter launched Spaces, which allows users join virtual rooms and have real-time audio conversations with others. Facebook is also working on its own version of Clubhouse, as are LinkedIn, Spotify, and Soft, Just to name a few.

It’s unclear whether Clubhouse’s global rollout to Android will keep it from becoming a passing fad, but we’ll find out soon.

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