The co-founder of the brain implants start-up Neuralink leaves the company

Elon Musk’s Neuralink faces management challenges even before a product is shipped. Byte reports as Neuralink co-founder Max Hodak quietly left the company “a few weeks ago”. He didn’t say why he left the brain-machine interface company, but said he was still a “huge cheerleader” for his former employer’s job.

Neuralink has not appointed a replacement. We asked the company to comment.

It is unclear how much this will harm Neuralink, although the timing is not ideal. The company very recently demonstrated its implant technology with a monkey – it is supposed to come close to a finished product. That doesn’t necessarily mean the company is in trouble, but Hodak’s exit could complicate attempts to translate Neuralink’s work into practical products.

Musk is no stranger to departures of high-level executives. However, they have generally taken place at much more established companies like Tesla, and some executives (such as former CTO JB Straubel) have gone out of their way to emphasize a positive relationship. Hodak’s situation is not so orderly, although there are no immediate signs of an acrimonious split.

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