The Flash teases Supergirl costume in Andy Muschietti’s new tease

Sasha Calle's Supergirl costume pavilion, revealed by director Andy Muschietti for DC and Warner Bros. '  Long-awaited Flash movie.

Hello Kara.
Picture: Andy Muscietti / Warner Bros.

The Girl of Steel is upon us, but before setting off on her own on cinematic adventures, she’ll dress up Andy Muschietti’s multiversal shenanigans in Flash, and we’ve got a whole new look at her costume.

In the vein of previous teasing for Michael Keaton’s Batman Returns and Ezra Miller’s updated Flash costume, Sparkle Director Andy Muschietti took to Instagram to reveal our first look at Supergirl’s costume, which will make its DC theater debut in the film, currently scheduled for June 2022. The young‘s Sasha Calle will play Kara, cousin of Superman and orphan companion of the doomed planet Krypton, in the film.

As is often the case in the comics, Kara’s Supergirl costume takes a lot of inspiration from the design language used to Henry Cavill’s Superman. Similar texture is here through the costume and the “S” logo as seen in Superman’s cinematic costume since then. Steel man, however, Kara has a few subtle changes, including an almost paisley pattern running through her logo. Which, presumably, still represents hope.

But what sets her costume more apart than Kal-El’s is what looks like a prominent block of red across her neck and shoulders, practically right down to her chest logo. It’s an interesting choice, and one that definitely sets her apart from Superman at a glance – we can only speculate given that we can’t really see the full costume, but maybe that’s an indicator of a cape built into the costume, compared to how Superman is “tucked away” in the lower cleavage?

We have plenty of time to speculate and will undoubtedly see more as we approach. Flashrelease date scheduled for June 2022.

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