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Sony delivered another State of Play stream on Thursday that included a long look at this summer’s upcoming Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart game for the PS5 and revealed that Among Us is coming to PlayStation consoles this year. But for now, the most notable exclusivity of the new system is Return, a third-person shooter from Housemarque.


Later this morning, we’ll have an article by Devindra Hardawar you should read about how the rogue nature of the game encourages players to come to terms with their failures. But if you’re just trying to figure out what it has to offer, take a look at a new one. 30 minute video of the development team. It shows how the title mixes arcade-style shooter action with a deep story to (hopefully) create a next-gen exclusive that’s worth the hassle and expense of buying a new system.

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This prevents apps from going to the wrong screen when your PC goes to sleep.

Second screen

If you’re using a multiscreen setup on Windows 10 for gaming, work, or because it’s built into your laptop, you might have noticed that apps can annoyingly move to the wrong display. Microsoft announced that it is finally introducing a fix for the problem, so that application windows behave in a more predictable manner. When your PC wakes up, all the apps on your secondary monitor can suddenly switch to the primary screen or your laptop screen, which means you’ll have to drag the apps back to their original positions – an absolute nightmare if you are accomplished. multitasking. With an incoming version of Windows Insider (you’ll need to sign up for it), when you wake up from sleep, all of your windows should appear where you previously left them.

You’ll need to join Microsoft’s Insider program to get the new feature, which will work by default, while the final version is expected to ship to all Windows 10 machines by October 2021.
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Including a $ 1,200 mesh network system.

Hydra Pro 6E


The new WiFi 6E standard promises users better wireless connections with lots of bandwidth and less interference. Now Linksys has unveiled its first two products based on the standard, and while they get you an upgrade sooner, they won’t be cheap.

The Linksys Hydra Pro 6E powered by Qualcomm is capable of WiFi speeds of up to 6.6 Gbps. It can cover 2,700 square feet of space and can connect to over 55 devices at a time.

Meanwhile, the Atlas Max 6E mesh system is powered by the Qualcomm Networking Pro 1210 platform and has been specially designed for bandwidth-hungry households.

A three-node mesh system that can connect up to 195 devices and cover up to 3,000 square feet per node , and one- and two-pack systems are also available. The Hydra Pro 6E router is available for , which is cheaper than the which has just been put up for sale for . Right now, you can only get them from the Linksys website, but they’ll be hitting retail shelves soon.
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Now it’s a digital collector’s item.

`` Daughter of disaster ''

David roth

Zoe Roth, 21-year-old student and face of the viral sold an NFT (non-fungible token – if you need an explanation of what this means and why it might be worth something ) the meme for around $ 500,000 worth of Ether, The New York Times reported.

The now iconic image dates back to 2005, when her father, David Roth, took the photo in their neighborhood while watching local firefighters witness a controlled burn. He entered the photo in a contest (he won), and it was quickly picked up by Internet forums, Know your meme.
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Police have canceled their $ 94,000 lease and will return Spot to the company.

The New York Police Department will no longer deploy their Spot robot dog and have canceled their Boston Dynamics lease. Police had planned to continue testing Spot (which she nicknamed Digidog) until the lease expired in August. However, critics have raised privacy concerns over the robot, which has been deployed to multiple crime scenes and hostage-taking since October. Bill Neidhardt, a spokesperson for Mayor Bill de Blasio, said The New York Times that the machine is “frightening, alienating and sending the wrong message to New Yorkers.”
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Apple and Samsung are also feeling the pain.

For chips, demand outstripped supply following a pandemic-induced buying spree that saw the public take everything from game consoles to TVs during lockdowns. The situation is now deteriorating for one of the most affected sectors: the automobile.

In just 12 hours, Ford in the United States said the chip shortage could halve production in the current financial quarter, Honda said it would halt production at three domestic factories for five to six days on next month and BMW warned of delays at its facilities in Germany. and in England.
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From tablets to snack subscriptions, these are gifts Mom probably hasn’t received before.


You haven’t forgotten, have you? Don’t worry, the Engadget team have put together a selection of tech recommendations for mom, including what I think is the best: a wine subscription. We cover tablets, smart home gadgets, and even a fitness laptop, if your mom is currently healthy.
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