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Do you remember the game demos? While there are plenty of free titles out there these days, it seems most top tier games don’t allow players to try them out without paying the full price up front. This is not the case for Resident Evil Village, though an odd time-locked system made it frustrating for fans to dive into the game ahead of its release next week.


The good news is that Capcom has relaxed its policy a bit. The final demo will unlock tonight on PlayStation, Xbox, Steam and Stadia, and players can get a 60-minute taste of the game – Complete with – at any time during the next eight days.

– Richard Lawler

NASA says it could send Ingenuity on short flights before the rover to spot potential routes.



Friday, NASA he plans to transition the rotorcraft to an operational role once it has completed its remaining test flights. NASA says these flights will involve more precise maneuvers, greater use of its photographic abilities and, most importantly, greater risk. That’s a substantial change for a craft that was initially only supposed to show that flying through Mars’ atmosphere was even possible.
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By reducing the revenue share of Xbox PCs to 12%.

Xbox Wireless Controller


Microsoft has long used a revenue-sharing model of 70% for creators and 30% for Xbox, but as of August 1, it jumps to 88% for developers and 12% for Xbox, at least as far as developers are concerned. PC versions. Xbox console developers won’t see a change in the existing revenue sharing model.

The reason these numbers stand out is that while Microsoft didn’t mention the words Epic or Apple when talking to Engadget about the change, the fact is that the old split mirrored Apple’s App Store, while that the new one conforms to Epic’s play. store on PCs.
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40% off Amazon’s Echo Dot and more.

Echo point

Amazon’s latest Echo Dot is barely and you can always save on Samsung Galaxy S21 smartphones. Fitbit’s Mother’s Day sale is in full swing, bringing record prices for many of its wearable devices, and May 4 sales began early this year with.

Here are all the best deals of the week that you can still grab today, and don’t forget to follow. on Twitter for more updates.
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The multitude of Samsung Galaxy Book laptops

The Engadget podcast

In this episode of the Engadget podcast, Cherlynn and Devindra chat about all of them of his latest Galaxy Unpacked fiesta, and why they matter (or not). They also talk about the company sneaking up by mentioning NVIDIA’s still unannounced RTX 3050 cards in the .

Listen on , , , or .
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With references to films like “Edge of Tomorrow”.



Here’s what Devindra Hardawar has to say about the new PS5 exclusive: “Sometimes it’s extremely difficult, and its systems sometimes difficult to understand. But I just can’t stop playing.
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