The morning after: Tesla’s record car sales

You don’t have to wait Saturday Night Live to hear Elon Musk. Tesla results call gave the executive another platform, and he talked about everything from autopilot to solar roof battery bundles. If you’re waiting for the redesigned Model S or Model X, the first deliveries of the new sedans with a funky steering wheel and shifter setup should begin soon.

When it comes to cars already on the road, Musk’s strongest words center on Tesla’s recent crash in the Houston area that killed two people. “It was really just extremely deceptive media practices, where it was claimed to be an autopilot, completely bogus. These journalists should be ashamed of themselves.

Tesla Vice President Lars Moravy went into more detail saying the steering wheel was deformed, a sign that someone was in the driver’s seat when the crash happened. According to executives, adaptive cruise control accelerated the vehicle to 30 MPH before the crash and slowed down and came to a stop after unbuckling the driver’s seat. Although they said the evidence for the car’s SD card has yet to be recovered, it does give an indication of why Musk is so adamant that the autopilot driver assistance has failed. not been activated.

– Richard Lawler

A bigger and better ultraportable.


So the Surface Laptop 4. It looks like the Surface Laptop 3, which was just a slightly larger Surface Laptop 2, a computer that wasn’t all that different from the original Surface Laptop. Get the picture? But! It’s significantly faster and has a longer battery life than the previous model, and it still has one of the best keyboards around. You also have the choice between Intel and AMD processors on the 13-inch and 15-inch models.

Take it all with a truly sturdy, premium case, and you’ve got an ultraportable that editor-in-chief Devindra Hardawar could easily recommend to anyone. And even the base $ 1,000 model is well equipped, with a Ryzen 5 chip and 8GB of RAM. Continue reading.

Almost awesome.

The next morning


Glasses with speakers built into the arms are becoming a thing. Bose and Amazon have launched glasses-helmet hybrids in recent years, both named Frames. Now, Razer is joining the Anzu smart glasses, which has a few unique features. Since this is a brand known for its gaming products, it’s no surprise that Razer has a gaming mode for low latency audio. It also has blue light filtering lenses by default and costs $ 50 less than its rivals. Unfortunately, they are a bit too uncomfortable. Continue reading.

Its CEO called the process “fundamentally unfair”.

The next morning


More than a week ago, NASA awarded Elon Musk’s SpaceX a $ 2.9 billion contract to build a lunar lander for its upcoming Artemis Moon project. In deciding on SpaceX, NASA ignored defense contractor Dynetics and Blue Origin. The latter is now contesting the decision. In a protest filed with the federal Government Accountability Office, the Jeff’s Bezos rocket company claims that NASA improperly awarded the contract to its rival. Continue reading.

You can also unlock your iPhone while wearing an Apple Watch.

iOS 14.5 (and iPad OS 14.5) is a significant upgrade that introduces a previously delayed system that requires authorization for Advertiser Device IDs. Apple claims it will improve your privacy by limiting tracking, but Facebook has previously complained that it will hurt ad revenue.

Other new features are less controversial. The new iOS update allows you to unlock your iPhone equipped with Face ID with your Apple Watch (which should work watchOS 7.4) when wearing a face shield, so you won’t have to enter your password even if you are covered. It also comes with a redesigned Podcast app with the option to . Continue reading.

It is similar to the Together mode of Microsoft Teams.

Zoom has launched Immersive View, a new type of virtual background that brings video participants together in a scene. It could offer a less distracting setup compared to the traditional gallery view, replacing the grid format with a shared background that places participants next to each other. There is also some flexibility here. Hosts can automatically or manually place users in a virtual background of their choice, and even move and resize people. In the case of a webinar, attendees can see hosts and attendees on stage. Continue reading.

Beyond 720p.

The next morning


Your little laptop webcam has probably been used more than you ever thought possible, with endless Zoom meetings, family video calls and the rest. However, your computer’s webcam won’t be the best.

In addition to improving your appearance on business calls that could have been email, external webcams are essential if you are broadcasting live on Twitch or another platform. But there are a lot of options. We have tested several webcams and have a few recommendations. Continue reading.

Maybe these rumors of a MacBook Pro with extra ports were wrong.

If the redesigned iMac is any indication of where Apple is going, Engadget’s Nathan Ingraham believes rumors that future MacBooks are recovering some of their ports might be incorrect. The new base iMac has two meager USB 4 / Thunderbolt ports. Of them! The more expensive iMac configurations incorporate a few USB-C ports, for a total of four. In comparison, the older 21.5-inch iMac had four USB-A ports, two USB-C / Thunderbolt connections, and an SD card reader and Ethernet jack. Apple’s greed for its laptops is bad enough, but it doesn’t make sense on the iMac, where space – though still limited – is cheaper. Continue reading.

But wait, there is more …

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