The Morning After: you can hang up Lenovo’s new tablet

Businesses will never stop trying new things when it comes to our tablets and laptops. While Apple could get bigger on iPad sizes – see below – Lenovo has added a hanger to its new Yoga tab. It can also be a kickstand, but the idea of ​​hanging your tablet is new. We’ve seen crutches in other tablets, the Nintendo Switch or, let’s not forget, the terribly designed HTC Thunderbolt, where the charging port has been placed so that you can’t charge the thing when using the kickstand.

Lenovo’s 13-inch tablet shouldn’t have such issues, but the idea of ​​hanging it up has some interesting use cases if you use your imagination. (Hard on a Monday, I know.) I could see people using it for cooking tips, with the shelf hanging from utensil hooks. It also means that your electronics won’t take up counter space and tomato sauce, and others will be less likely to be affected.

You can also, optionally, hang it on the hooks or latches of the trays of trains or planes – depending on the dimensions. Plus, the tablet can double as a secondary display – you can hang it on the wall in your small home work setup. The use cases are there, but the device is pricey for a $ 680 Android tablet. I’m intrigued by the prospect, however – and it’s something I’ve never said about Lenovo before.

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Bigger than 12.9 inches? Your next iPad could be. BloombergMark Gurman has claimed that Apple is exploring iPads with even bigger screens. All potential products could take at least “a few years” to ship if they go ahead, but still, Apple hasn’t grown since the 2015 iPad Pro. Continue reading.

His explanations were not always clear.

YouTube is under fire for cracking down on videos documenting China’s alleged abuses against Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang province. Reuters reported that YouTube deleted a dozen videos of Atajurt Kazakh Human Rights and, at one point, deleted the channel itself, for allegedly violating the site’s anti-harassment policy. The withdrawals followed reports from anonymous parties.

YouTube told Engadget that videos documenting human rights violations were allowed on the site and that it knew Atajurt had no sinister intent in showing the ID cards. However, he argued that the rights group did not have enough “educational, documentary, scientific and artistic content” to allow an exception to its policies, mainly showing ID cards, which violated a rule. prohibiting the presentation of sensitive personal information. Continue reading.

Zhurong has the pictures to back up his achievements.

The next morning


China has released the first video and audio clips of the Zhurong rover’s first forays into the Red Planet. They cover landing as well as deployment and initial movement. There is also a panorama revealing the distance Zhurong has traveled from his landing pad. Continue reading.

Everything related to Windows 11.

In this week Podcast, Cherlynn and Devindra came straight from Windows 11 live coverage to browse this week’s biggest tech news, including McCaffee, Snapchat at the Supreme Court, and a chat with developers from Ratchet & Clank: Rift apart.

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