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The number of people killed by Israeli shelling on a besieged enclave stands at 139, of which 11 were also killed by Israeli forces in the occupied West Bank.

Israeli shelling of the Gaza Strip continued for a fifth consecutive day, with Israeli airstrikes hitting a refugee camp where at least 10 Palestinians, including eight children, were killed.

In the early hours of Saturday, rescuers were still trying to remove bodies from under the rubble as more people were reportedly dead. Hamas, the group that controls the besieged enclave, responded to the latest attack by firing a barrage of rockets at the towns of Askhelon and Ashdod in southern Israel. No casualties were reported.

At least 139 Palestinians, including 40 children, have been killed in the Gaza Strip since Monday. About 950 others were injured. In the occupied West Bank, Israeli forces have kill at least 11 Palestinians protesting against the continued Israeli occupation and the continued bombardment of Gaza. Clashes between Israeli police and Palestinian protesters continued into the night in occupied East Jerusalem.

At least eight people in Israel were also killed. The IDF said hundreds of rockets were fired from Gaza at various locations in Israel and added reinforcements near the eastern lands of the enclave.

As the violence escalates, the humanitarian crisis continues to worsen, with thousands of Palestinian families taking refuge in UN-run schools in northern Gaza to escape Israeli artillery fire. The UN said it estimated around 10,000 Palestinians had left their homes in Gaza amid the Israeli offensive.

Palestinians were due to mark on Saturday 73 years since the ethnic cleansing of their homeland by Zionist militias to create the State of Israel. The event is called the Nakba, or “Catastrophe”, in Palestinian history.

Here are the latest updates:

‘It really is a massacre’

Nabil Abu al-Reesh, a doctor based in the Gaza Strip, gave his account of the Israeli airstrike that targeted a three-story house on the edge of al-Shati refugee camp.

“We are still trying to collect more bodies and trying to figure out who is who,” al-Reesh said.

“It really is a massacre that we cannot describe in words,” he said.

“I don’t know how he managed to stay alive,” he added, pointing to a child who is the sole survivor of a family that was killed by the Israeli airstrike.

“Maybe he survived to witness what happened to the rest of his family,” he said.

Injuries reported as Palestinians protest in West Bank

Injuries have been reported in the West Bank following clashes between Palestinian protesters and the occupying Israeli security forces.

A social media post by the Shehab News Agency showed Palestinian protesters were carrying injured marchers on Saturday morning in Nablus, near the Hawara checkpoint.

Early Saturday, thousands of worshipers from morning prayers in Nablus joined a large march through the city to denounce the Israeli occupation and the latest deadly bombings in Gaza.

Bombings reported in Khan Yunis in Gaza

Israeli artillery fire is said to have hit some farmland in the eastern part of Khan Yunis governorate in Gaza.

Safa Press also reported on Saturday that there had been further shelling in the Gaza coastal area.

No accidents or material damage were immediately reported.

Body of child found in Gaza ruins after Israeli bombing

Members of a medical team in Gaza recovered the body of another child from the rubble after Israel bombed residential property in al-Shati refugee camp.

Several people are still missing and are believed to be buried under the rubble of the bombing site.

Thousands of people gather in Nablus to denounce Israeli occupation

Thousands of Palestinians marched to denounce the continued Israeli occupation and the continued bombardment of Gaza.

Protesters were returning home after dawn prayers when they joined the march in the city of Nablus, according to a video posted on social media by Safa Press.

Israeli airstrike hits house in Shujayea

Safa Press reported that an Israeli airstrike struck and destroyed a house in the Shujayea neighborhood of Gaza City.

There were no immediate reports of the victims.

Shujayea was the site of an intense Israeli bombardment in 2014 that killed several civilians. The incident has been called a “massacre”.

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