The United States pledged to halve its carbon emissions by 2030

Is Biden’s commitment achievable? As of yet, there is no specific roadmap for achieving this new goal, but the White House is expected to issue sector-by-sector recommendations later this year. To cope, the United States will have to radically overhaul its economy and drastically reduce the use of oil, gas and coal. Specifically, President Biden will have to advance a set of ambitious policies spend $ 2.3 trillion to tackle emissions in high pollution areas, such as cars and power plants, and accelerate innovation in clean energy and climate technologies.

The reactions: Nat Keohane, head of the Environmental Defense Fund, an influential American NGO, tweeted that the new US target “responds to the time and urgency of the climate crisis.” It aligns with science, drives global ambition and accelerates the shift to a stronger, cleaner economy. ”

“After years of US federal inaction to address its role in the climate crisis, the Biden administration today presented us all with important reasons for hope,” says Rachel Cleetus, director of policy and senior economist of the Union’s Climate and Energy program. scientists involved.

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