The WORST Anime Dub award of all time goes to …

Promotional image for Angel Cop

Promotional image for Angel Cop
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Tome, angel cop is a classic among vintage Japanese anime. However, anime fans remain divided on this, with some calling it boring and others calling it an ’80s staple. Japanese animation. One thing everyone agrees about angel cop is the dialogue of the English dubbed version is bad. Like really bad. But it’s so funny, wtf.

angel cop is an original six-part animation created and directed by Ichirō Itano. A manga adaptation is written and illustrated by Taku Kitazaki. Additionally, the collection was released serially in 1990. The story follows Angel (voiced by Sharon Holm), a special forces officer in a futuristic world of terrorists and hunters (individuals with telekinetic powers). Angel and his new partner Raiden (nicknamed by John Hunter) are desperate to rid the streets of corruption and terrorism, but when Raiden is seriously injured, Angel must face the hunter, Lucifer (nicknamed by Lorelei King), alone.

I had trouble finding the subtitled version because the anime the dub version is so popular. However, when I finally managed to get my hands on the original, subtitled version, I was shocked to find a slightly different film as it had other purposes and is less comedic. I haven’t read the manga, so I’m not sure how the animation strayed from the original storyline.

After doing some research I still can’t figure out why it happened this way. Unlike Noriyuki Abe anime series Ghost story (Gakko no Kaidan), where the English cast rejected the original script. What started out as a drama / horror turned into a tongue-in-cheek comedy, but what’s the reason why angel cop?

The series is so cheesy, and I wanna hate it, but how can you hate it on an anime with a goddamn compilation like this.

My favorite line is when Angel gets shot and shouts “F ** K and Piss!” Because it’s totally something I would scream when someone tries to kill me.

Here is another video that gives a better sense of the story. Three full minutes and twenty-nine seconds of lousy acting, gruesome dialogue, and plenty of WTF moments.

If you know of an English dub that isn’t Ghost Story, but is worse than this, PLEASE let me know. As far as I know, nothing beats that.

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