This $ 2,000 bed is said to “heal” with spatial sound and low frequency vibrations

For the most part, we’ve seen companies like Apple and Microsoft use spatial audio to create a more immersive entertainment experience. But a company called Opus believes the technology can be used to help you relax, too.

The company describes his new product, SoundBed, as a “home gym for your heart”. Opus claims that the low-frequency vibrations it can send throughout your body will help you relax and become more receptive to mediation and introspection. SoundBed connects to an Opus companion app that you can use to play guided meditation workshops. These “Journeys,” which you listen to with separate headphones, can last anywhere from seven to 60 minutes, with the shorter ones designed to help you relax and improve your mood. When you’re not using SoundBed, it folds up into a hexagonal “conversation piece”.

From the jaw-dropping quotes Opus posted on its website, SoundBed is a “life-changing” product, but at $ 1,999 it falls squarely into luxury territory. Sure, you can get a $ 500 discount if you pre-order it now, but there are plenty of more affordable (and probably effective) ways to take care of your mental, emotional, and physical health. For example, if you want to get into meditation, you can get a Free or quiet space subscription for $ 70. Headspace also recently released a interactive meditation experience on Netflix, allowing you to try the practice before adding another subscription to your monthly budget.

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