TikTok adds six new interactive music filters

Starting today, TikTok is rolling out new music themed filters which promise greater interactivity. The first of these, Music Visualizer, is available now. It includes real-time beat tracking software that will animate the filter to the beat of a song.

You can access it through the dedicated Music tab in TikTok’s creative effects bar. In practice, this creates a purple background with several planets scattered across the sky. A polygonal landscape in the middle of the pulsations to the rhythm of the music. In short, if you like synthwave, you will love this effect. The filter works with all sounds in TikTok’s music library and is available to all users around the world. You can already see people using the filter, although sometimes it is easy to obscure what he’s doing.

TikTok will roll out five more new effects over the next few weeks. One of these allows you to sync still images to the beat of a song. Another allows you to add animated text overlays to video transitions. Then there’s Music Machine, arguably the coolest new filter. This allows you to create your songs from drum beats and other sounds. It also includes a BPM slider and five one-shot effects. You can see them all in action at TikTok Newsroom Account. These are small additions, but given how important music is to the identity of the platform, it’s easy to see them getting used a lot quickly.

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