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Many TikTok users are currently unable to post to the app due to a strange issue affecting uploads to the video app. Although the app appears to be functional, many users find that the videos do not actually download, although they do show up on their profiles. Others including Dave jorgenson, which manages the popular TikTok account for The Washington Post, reported that TikTok informed them that their videos were “under review.”

TikTok confirmed that it was aware of the issues, but did not immediately clarify the source of the problem or the number of users affected. It seems to be widespread, according to downdetector.com, a website that tracks outages. “We are aware of an issue that is currently causing a delay in posting videos by some users,” TikTok tweeted from its support account. “Our team is actively working on a fix, and we will provide you with updates.”

While TikTok has experienced technical issues in the past, the fact that it only affects downloads has fueled discussions about “shadowbanning,” a popular conspiracy theory that platforms will hide content from certain users from the feeds. audiences without notifying them. Likewise, the timing of the issues – reports started to climb within minutes of the Derek Chauvin trial verdict, according to downdetector – has also raised some eyebrows as many users are currently trying to post about the trial.

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