Tips to help recovery after surgery or illness

Many city dwellers have implemented grocery delivery services for decades, but more rural areas have only implemented grocery delivery and curbside collection in the last few years. year. Companies like Instacart are not without complications—Mainly for shift workers — and while they provide a useful service to people confined to the house, they are not the only option.

While the pandemic has not been good for a long time, many small, locally owned stores are now offering shopping and delivery services while providing stable jobs and benefits. Many stores now have curbside options, which opens up a whole world for people who can drive (or be driven) but may lack the physical strength or endurance to navigate parking lots and shops safely.

When supplies alone aren’t enough

Cooking is not compatible with everyone’s recovery, and some people need ready-to-eat options. Websites like Meal train help organize calendars, but comfort foods are often what pops up. Comfort foods can do wonders for the heart and soul, but they often fill soups and casseroles with carbohydrates, fats, and sodium, which aren’t exactly the nutrient-dense foods a body needs for itself. restore. And while meal schedules are great, they don’t take into account what a person will be in the mood to eat (when they might be uncomfortable with medication) or what their body will be capable of. to treat.

For people with the energy to cook and reheat a minimum, meal delivery services are another option. I was personally too tired immediately after my operation to handle any sort of cooking – yes, even when most of the work was done for me – but I found great freedom in the nutritious smoothies, oat bowls and the harvest bowls offered by Daily harvest, which has full nutrition information on their website.

Meal replacement options aren’t enough for a living, but since it’s so important to keep the body’s reservoir full during recovery, it’s a good idea to have them on hand. The aisles of grocery stores are full of bars loaded with nuts and seeds and high in healthy omega-3s, which fight inflammation and reduce the risk of blood clots, both of which are important after surgery.

Some meal replacement bars are formulated for athletes who eat them on the go, so they are designed to be easy to digest. It’s also a bonus after surgery when the body’s systems aren’t exactly functioning at their peak. Nutrition bars have come a long way in recent years and there are many specialty options. Some bars are high in protein and low in carbohydrates, while others satisfy the sweet tooth but are low in sugar. Look around and you will find something to suit your needs and taste buds, both of which are important when you are locked in the house to recover.

We do more than eat, right?

We do! Watching movies and listening to our favorite shows are probably two of the most popular recovery activities, but it gets old after a few days. Reading is a close third, but reading – in the traditional sense – isn’t always the best activity depending on what a person is recovering from.

What is reading in the non-traditional sense? Electronic readers and audiobooks, both of which saw increased sales during the pandemic. E-readers can be more user-friendly than hard covers and paperbacks for several reasons: they have an adjustable font size, easy-to-view backlighting, and weigh less than most books.

The Washington Post reported that in 2020, the highest book sales were in the categories of dystopias, social justice, and scorching romance, suggesting that we want our harsh realities with a breakout shot. Besides reading, another way to access parallel universes is in our own mind.

Take a vacation on your own

Sure, it sounds odd if you haven’t, but if you’ve engaged in regular mindfulness practice, you know the benefits. Many hospitals such as Mount. Sinai, Cleveland Clinic, and Mayo Clinic endorse meditation as a pre-surgical practice to promote relaxation, healing and positive outcomes. I tried it and it worked for me.

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