‘Total War: Rome Remastered’ brings RTS classic to life on April 29

Rome: total war, one of the best real-time strategy games ever to be released, is get a remaster. Plus, you won’t have to wait long to play it. Total War: Rome Remastered releases on Steam on April 29. Feral Interactive, a studio best known for porting to games like XCOM: unknown enemy and Deus ex human revolution to macOS, is on development homework. But don’t worry, they have experience with both the game and the series. They used to wear Rome: total war on iOS and Android.

Wild interactive / creative assembly

As for what you can expect from the remaster, it will feature updated models, textures and visual effects, a redesigned user interface and campaign map, as well as support for Steam Workshop and ultra-wide monitors. and 4K. The remaster will also include the Alexandar and Barbarian Invasion expansions. It will be cost $ 30, but if you already own the original on Steam, you will be able to purchase the remaster for 50% reduction until May 31.

Total War: Rome Remastered

Wild interactive / creative assembly

Of all the Total War games that Feral Interactive could have remastered, the original Rome is an interesting choice. Yes, this is the game where Creative assembly has taken the series to new heights. However, in many ways its sequel is the best game. That hasn’t always been true, especially when Creative Assembly came out. Rome II in the complete mess he made. But with almost constant support from the studio, it has since become one of the best entries in its long run. However, Total War fans won’t complain, especially since Workshop support will make it easier to read the the excellent mods of the game.

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