Toy News of the Week – Marvel Legends MCU Quicksilver, EXO Picard

New toys of Captain Picard from Star Trek, Quicksilver from Marvel and Star Wars: The Bad Batch

Picture: EXO, Hasbro and Lego

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Welcome to Toy Aisle, io9’s regular roundup of the latest and greatest products on the internet. This week, Star Wars: The Bad Lot descends on the world of Lego, while Star Trek teleports to action figures, and … no one can resist beach balls of this magnitude !? Check it out!

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Picture: EXO-6

EXO-6 Star Trek: First Contact Captain Jean-Luc Picard sixth scale figurine

Star Trek has flirted with 1: 6 scale characters before, but CBS ‘latest partnership with EXO has high hopes of going beyond that and delivering numbers from every iteration of the franchise. Things start with Jean-Luc Picard, and surprisingly, he’s not Patrick Stewart’s captain as he appeared in The next generationIThis is his last film uniform, especially from First contact. Complete with an alternate vest jacket, phaser rifle and pistol, and open and closed tricorders, Picard also comes with various sets of hands to hold all of these wonderful toys. Bonus added? The gripping hands could just as easily be used to rest it in real Picard maneuver: pulling his jacket up every time he got up from the Business captain’s chair. Picard is expected to cost $ 190 when it is released later this year.[[[[Toyark]

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Picture: Lego

Lego Star Wars: The Bad Lot Attack shuttle

Fall just in time for the Clone wars spin-off to hit Disney +, the new 969 Lego pieces The bad lot Attack shuttle The set includes the shuttle itself, two speeder bikes, agonk droid and minifigure versions of Tech, Hunter, Wrecker, Crosshair, and Echo – otherwise known as the wrong batch of clones that didn’t turn out to be quite correct. You can pre-order it now, but the set shouldn’t ship until August 1, long after the 16-episode series has ended.

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Picture: Hiya Toys

Hiya Toys RoboCop 2 SDCC 2021 Exclusive Robert Cop 2 variant

Counterfeit toys are a real problem for toy makers, but at the same time they are also a source of hilarity for collectors. One of the most memorable bootlegs of all time, shared across the internet millions of times, is a knockoff RocoCop 2 figure simply named “Robert Cop 2”, which, thanks to its ill-gotten fame, is almost more collectible than the real thing. So for San Diego Comic-Con 2021, Hiya Toys, which is currently producing RoboCop digits, is releases his own 3.75-inch Robert Cop 2 figure exclusive of $ 20 for the convention. You only pay for the novelty packaging, but you don’t hear us complain.

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Picture: Amazon

Six foot giant inflatable Star wars Death Star Beach Ball

The real Death Star was capable of destroying entire planets, but you will have to set your destructive goals a little further down with that six foot wide Death Star beach ball that can only clear small groups of children, sandcastles, elaborate cakes and rounds of champagne glass in one fell swoop. It is recommended for users aged 12 and over, because anyone younger and smaller than that will simply be knocked down like Indiana Jones escaping a trap. Amazon lists it, but it appears to be currently sold out, so here’s hoping it will restock before the summer officially arrives.

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Image: Hasbro

Hasbro Marvel Avengers Age of Ultron Quicksilver Legends Series Figure

Hasbro isn’t exactly running out of characters from the Marvel universe to turn into action figures, but that hasn’t stopped it from immortalizing one of the MCU’s shortest-lived heroes in articulated plastic: Quicksilver… no, not the Quicksilver that surprised everyone during WandaVision, the other Pietro who died in Sokovia. Pre-orders for the number of $ 26.50 started earlier this week and while the character is largely forgotten in the MCU, he’s already sold out. But a lot can happen between now and its September release, and there might be more chances to pre-order one.

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Picture: Beta

Beta Back to the future 3D desk lamp and wall light

the Back to the future the trilogy could be the second Star wars when it comes to the number of coveted props featured in the movies. Not only the DeLorean who travels in time worth drooling over, it comes with other collectible gadgets, including the famous flux capacitor and time circuits – which Numskull recreated have a $ 30 desk lamp or a wall lamp if you’re willing to go to the trouble of mounting it. It can be powered by a mic USB cable or three AAA batteries if you want to go wireless, and although the numbers indicating when you are going, when you are and when you have been on, unfortunately cannot be changed. Which is a shame because it would have made an excellent wake-up call.

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