Toyota’s New Mirai and Lexus LS Models Feature Advanced Driver Assistance Technology

Toyota has launched Advanced Drive, a new driver assistance technology, with the latest Toyota Mirai and Lexus LS vehicles. Advanced Drive is capable of level 2 range and can free the driver from operating the accelerator, brakes and even the steering wheel – under certain traffic conditions and under the supervision of the driver, i.e. say. It was designed for highway driving only, and like other assistive technologies available today, it does not yet have full autonomous driving capabilities.

Advanced Drive uses data from the vehicle’s telescopic camera and LiDAR, as well as high-precision map information to detect other vehicles in the same lane. As long as a driver sets the destination in the navigation system, the technology will be able to assess situations and make decisions regarding changing lanes, keeping distance from other vehicles, driving navigating lane divisions and overtaking other vehicles. It can make sure to maintain a greater distance from trucks and other large vehicles, for example, and decelerate early when merging lanes. When changing lanes, it first confirms the condition of nearby vehicles and road conditions before seeking driver approval to proceed to its destination.


The system also uses a camera to check the pilot. A buzzer would sound a warning, the seat belt would vibrate and the head-up display would flash if the system detects signs of drowsiness or inattention. If there is no response from the driver, the system can gradually slow down the car, open the doors and call for help. In the event of a risk of collision, the technology can warn the driver using the head-up display and the buzzer. However, it can also apply the brakes and assist in avoidance if there is a high probability of the collision occurring.

Advanced Drive debuts with the new Lexus LS released in Japan on April 8, 2021 and the new Toyota Mirai fuel cell vehicle that will be available on April 12. Toyota also has confirmed that the Lexus LS 2022 will be the first vehicle in the American range to feature Advanced Drive technology. As Autoblog Note, these are the first Toyota models capable of receiving live updates, which the automaker will use to bring new features to the driver assistance technology.

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