Triumph presents the concept of TE-1 electric bike with fast charging battery

Historic british motorcycle Triumph shared some of the early details about his TE-1 Electric Bike Project, posting conceptual images of the EV and photos of the transmission prototype that will someday power it (via Autoblog). In development since 2019, the TE-1 is a collaboration between Triumph and three other UK companies, each bringing their own expertise to the project, along with the UK government Zero Emission Vehicle Bureau provide funding.


Triumph claims that the TE-1’s electric motor can produce 107 horsepower continuously and peak at 174 horsepower. Total range is on the order of 120 miles thanks to a 15 kWh battery that can also recharge from zero to 80 percent in about 20 minutes. In addition, the thermal management system of the battery allows it to maintain a constant level of output and performance from 100% charge to zero.

If the TE-1 looks like it could pass for your traditional motorcycle, it was an intentional design decision. “What we wanted to do was study how to create an electric bike that would convince someone to consider an electric bike, or even move it away from something with an internal combustion engine,” said Steve Sargent, director. of Triumph products. Motorcycle news.

TE-1 engine


It will take you some time to see the TE-1 on the public highway; Triumph waits for the cost of the electric battery to go down before manufacturing the bike. “While battery costs are going down, they are still expensive, so the bike will hit the market when we can get it back at a price that we think people are willing to pay,” Sargent said. Motorcycle news. In the meantime, the company plans to start testing the TE-1 prototype later this year.

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