Twitch adds threaded responses to the chat

If there’s one thing about Twitch chat, it’s almost always chaotic. Of course, you can mark a specific user to speak to them directly, but this system makes it almost impossible to have a conversation involving more than two people when there is a lot going on. In an effort to make all of this chaos more manageable, Twitch is introducing threaded conversations. It calls the feature Chat responses, but if you’ve taken advantage of threaded conversations in other apps, you’ll be right at home. Hover your mouse over a message and an arrow icon will appear, tap it, and enter your response.

The company started testing threaded conversations last August, and many of the features included in today’s release are those Twitch developed while listening. feedback from his community. For example, keyboard shortcuts – you can simultaneously press “alt” and “enter” to initiate a response – was something early testers suggested the company add. Another feature resulting from user feedback is the ability to customize the interface. You can set it up so that Twitch always shows the context of a conversation with a thread, whether or not you are involved in it, or only shows that information if a thread is relevant to you.

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