Twitter will test new features for groups, tips and ‘super follow’

Twitter plans to start testing several new features that could dramatically change the way its users interact on its platform. During his , the company previewed a number of new features, including communities, tips, and an account subscription feature called “super follows”.

Communities is a Facebook groups-like feature that will allow Twitter users to come together based on their interests. “We’re working to create a product experience that makes it easier for people to train, discover and engage in more focused conversations about the relevant communities or geographies that interest them,” Twitter wrote in a slide.


The company described the feature as an extension of its work around topics, which allows users to follow accounts and tweets based on their interests. Kayvon Beykpour, Twitter product manager, said communities would also be able to set and enforce their own rules “beyond our terms of service.”

Twitter also said it was “exploring” features more geared towards influencers and creators who want to monetize their Twitter followers, including tips and “super follows”. The company did not provide details on how the tip works, but Twitter’s head of design and research Dantley Davis suggested the feature was related to the company’s shift to lengthy content and a subscription after of the newsletter company Revue.

Twitter's Super Follow feature.


“We see other impactful opportunities providing monetary incentive models that allow creators and publishers on Twitter to be directly supported by their articles, they will see us explore solutions for tips and account subscriptions via super followings. “said Davis.

According to images shared by Twitter, the super followings would give users access to newsletters, special badges and other “exclusive content.” Creators can also set up tweets so that only people who paid for “super follows” can respond. “We are redesigning incentives and exploring solutions to provide monetary incentive models to creators and publishers so that they are directly supported by their audiences,” Twitter wrote in its presentation.

The company has not indicated when it will start testing any of these features, or when it may launch. But Beykpour noted that the company has dramatically increased the rate at which it released new features over the past two years. “We have evolved the product in a more transformational way, solving bigger issues for our customers and moving much faster than ever before,” he said.

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