Uber London now lets you choose an electric vehicle

Uber users in central London can request an all-electric vehicle instead of a classic ICE or hybrid car, the Financial Times reported. Called Uber Green, the new service is launching from today in London’s Zone 1 as part of Uber’s drive to be fully electric to London by 2025. Travel must start in Zone 1, but destinations are unlimited.

“We continue to partner with drivers to help them go electric and today we are excited to begin offering drivers the option of selecting an electric vehicle at no additional cost, allowing all users to Uber to play their part in cleaning up urban transport, “Uber chief executive for the EU, Jamie Heywood, said in a statement.

To entice drivers, Uber is offering a 15% reduction in its regular service charges. As of January 2019, the company set a fee of 15 pence ($ 0.20) per mile to help drivers switch to greener cars. So far this has raised £ 125million ($ 172million) and Uber has increased the number of electric vehicles in its London fleet from 100 to 1600. Yet that’s only a small percentage. London’s 45,000-strong Uber fleet, so cyclists requesting an all-electric ride could wait longer than usual.

Uber also has a mountain to climb for its London fleet to be fully electric in less than 4 years. The company is committed to going fully electric in the world by 2040 and to achieving that goal in Europe and the United States by 2030. Uber has had an adventurous year in London, as it recently has. won a court challenge to keep his license, and earlier this month, was forced to reclassify its drivers as city workers.

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