Uber partners with Arrival to make custom EV taxis

Back in 2017, Uber ad it plans to go fully electric in London by 2025. Today, the service has taken another step towards achieving that goal: it has teamed up with British carmaker Arrival to create an electric vehicle specially designed for cars. calls. Companies are designing an affordable electric vehicle that emphasizes driver comfort, as passenger cars accumulate significantly more miles than private vehicles, while providing a premium experience for passengers.

Prior to this partnership, Arrival worked on electric vans and buses for professional use. People in North America and Europe might see them in action in the near future, as UPS place an order for 10,000 of its newly unveiled electric vans. According to TechCrunch, this marks Arrival’s first foray into electric cars, and it will consult and collaborate with Uber drivers to create a design that meets the criteria for the partnership. The companies have released mockups of what the EV could look like (see above and below), but they won’t reveal its final design until late 2021 at the earliest. They expect the arrival of the EV to go into production in the third quarter of 2023.

Uber drivers in London can request EV assistance under the Clean Air Plan if they wish to use an electric vehicle for the service. The company has raised £ 135million to help drivers with the cost of changing vehicles, after all. Uber hasn’t explained when and how drivers can request an arrival car, but that will likely be an option when it becomes available. Drivers who switch to electric vehicles will also benefit from Uber Green, the option that allows passengers to specifically request all-electric vehicles. EV driving service extended to 1,400 new North American towns and villages in January and arrived in london in March.

Uber / Arrival

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