Ugandan President Museveni takes oath to kick off his sixth term | Uganda News

The ceremony follows the bloodiest pre-election crackdown in years and numerous allegations of irregularities.

Uganda’s Yoweri Museveni was sworn in for his sixth term as president after police surrounded the home of Bobi Wine, his main opposition rival who decried the nomination as a “sham”.

Museveni, who was re-elected in January despite numerous reports of irregularities, was sworn in on Wednesday at a ceremony in the capital, Kampala, which was broadcast on national television and attended by several African heads of state and other foreign dignitaries.

The 76-year-old, clad in a dark blue suit and wide-brimmed hat, has vowed to “lend true allegiance” to the country he has tirelessly ruled since taking power as rebel leader in 1986.

His victory in January was overshadowed by the bloodiest pre-election crackdown for years, opposition candidates have been forcibly prevented from campaigning and dozens of protesters have been killed by security forces.

Bobi Wine, who came second behind Museveni in the ballot but declared the vote rigged, said police and soldiers “besieged” his house on the outskirts of Kampala and prevented him from leaving.

“Dictator Museveni swears well aware that he has stolen the elections and deprived the rights of Ugandans and he is afraid of people who oppose the fake ceremony,” the 39-year-old singer-turned-lawmaker told the news agency. AFP press.

“Even if he is sworn in, we will continue the struggle to remove him from power by peaceful means and it will happen soon.”

Opposition leader Bobi Wine, who came second in the poll, said police and soldiers ‘besieged’ his home on the outskirts of Kampala [File: Sumy Sadurni/AFP]

Kizza Besigye, an opposition veteran who lost to Museveni in four disputed and often violent presidential elections, has also been placed under house arrest.

Police spokesman Fred Enanga described the measures as “normal” precautions taken to protect Bobi Wine and Besigye.

“There were intelligence reports that some people wanted to cause disruption during the swearing-in ceremony and we took precautions to ensure the safety of some leaders, including opposition leaders including Bobi Wine. and Besigye, ”he said.

“This is a normal security deployment for VIPs.”

However, Enanga also said that Bobi Wine was planning to hold a parallel swearing-in ceremony and that it would be “illegal and treacherous and the police will not allow him to do so.”

Bobi wine contested the result of the election in court, but later withdrew his petition, claiming the judiciary was stacked in Museveni’s favor.

In March, he urged Ugandans to “stand up peacefully and unarmed” to protest against the current Museveni regime. Since the election, the opposition has alleged that the security forces removal their supporters.

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