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An independent investigation into the 1987 murder accuses the London Metropolitan Police Service of “institutional corruption”.

The UK’s Metropolitan Police Service has corruptly covered up failings in its investigation into the unsolved murder of Daniel Morgan, an independent investigation into the case has found.

Morgan, a private investigator, was found murdered in a pub car park in south-east London on March 10, 1987. No one has been brought to justice for the murder despite five police inquiries and a subsequent investigation.

The London Metropolitan Police Service (MET) previously admitted that internal corruption hampered the initial investigation into the murder by force.

Tuesday’s report comes eight years after Theresa May, then Home Secretary, launched a panel in 2013 to study the circumstances of the murder, her background and the handling of the case.

Although he found no new evidence of police involvement in the murder, panel chair Nuala O’Loan was scathing about how the case was handled.

O’Loan said the MET’s first goal had been to “protect itself” and accused the force of “failing to recognize its many flaws” in the 34 years since Morgan’s death.

“Daniel Morgan’s family has suffered severely as a result of his or her murderer (s) not being brought to justice: the unwarranted assurances given to them, the disinformation that has been made public and the denial of the failures of the investigation.” . “O’Loan said at a press conference.

“We believe that covering up or denying flaws, in the name of an organization’s public image, is dishonesty, on the part of the organization, to the benefit of its reputation. This constitutes a form of institutional corruption.

“Deeply alarming”

Speaking to parliament on Tuesday following the report’s release, Home Secretary Priti Patel said she had asked MET chief Cressida Dick to provide a detailed response to the panel’s findings.

She called the panel’s report “deeply alarming” and said the MET had “irreparably damaged the chances of a successful prosecution” with the handling of the case to date.

“Daniel Morgan deserved much, much better than that, as did his family,” Patel said.

Morgan’s family issued a statement calling on the MET leadership to “take responsibility” for the breaches of force in his case.

“We welcome the recognition that we – and the general public – have failed over decades through a culture of corruption and cover-up within the Metropolitan Police, institutionalized corruption that has permeated successive Metropolitan Police regimes and beyond. day, ”the statement read.

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