Vaccination orders and booster shots: what does it all mean?

One of the reasons could be structural and logistical reasons. If you don’t have paid time off, you can’t risk having two days off work if you’re one of the few people who experience significant side effects from getting the vaccine. These go away and they are usually not serious, you don’t feel good for a day, but if you miss work for it and can’t afford to miss work because you will lose your job, you do not go to potentially be vaccinated.

It’s a bunch of people for you to fix this problem. If you live very far from an immunization site, you may be able to solve this problem. And these are sort of in the vein of the carrot, right? You can make it easier for people. If you are told that there is a mandate for vaccination, if you work in a place that employs 65,000 Americans or something, if you say that you cannot come to work without being vaccinated, but then that place does not. give you no room to get vaccinated, that’s not good, right?

So you make it possible for the people, you make it easy for the people for whom it has been difficult. If you look at these poll numbers, they fascinate me, even in the group of people who say, “Absolutely, there is nothing that can get me vaccinated. And what is it ? 15 percent, 20 percent, if you ask people in various polls. Even in this group there is a subgroup in the crosstabs. It’s like the only thing that could get me vaccinated is if I had to, well, welcome aboard.

Now you have to, because you want to move around society as casually as you did in 2019. Once you get to the group that is politically or philosophically opposed to vaccines, this is where the tension is. . This is where heads will collide here. And now the question is, OK, well, because this is America, you can maintain this political and philosophical opposition, but don’t expect to share the same privileges in society as everyone else, because we have societal priorities and privileges now trying to be enforced. This is why they are, as you say, Mike, taking away his freedoms.

MC: Law. You don’t have to take a shower, but you will be seated on the roof of the bus if you don’t take a shower.

WITH: Yes. And these are the same kinds of questions you don’t know politically to go back to where we started when I said, I didn’t mean to do this to be political about it. These are the same kinds of schisms or political issues that the country has faced culturally at least for the past five years, but really in the 10 or 15, 20 since 9/11, it may be appropriate to think about this week when the idea is to know what are the freedoms of people, better freedoms of individual freedoms, the freedom not to be shit versus the freedom to do things, to be part of a society that has shared priorities, where sometimes your ability to do what you want must be contingent on the safety of everyone around you.

We don’t let people swing a metal baseball bat, and it’s not a terrible analogy here because Covid-19 is a pernicious disease that kills some of the people who catch it and it spreads asymptomatically, so you can’t say it in a few days if you have it and give it to other people without knowing it. For this reason, the world around us must take action to protect us all. And in some parts of our country right now, more people are okay with that, it’s part of the deal we all make to live together in close quarters, isn’t it? But in some areas it’s not, and these are the areas of the country right now where the intensive care units are full and the death rates are high and Lauren, as you said, the burden. epidemiologically, the burden is now shifting to populations that may not get vaccinated as children until now, as it is still not approved in the United States.

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