Valorant’s new ‘Breeze’ card takes you to the Bermuda Triangle

Riot Games has released regular updates for Valuing for players to return to free shooting game. This year has already seen the introduction of New agents which can teleport and warp time and a Gun game fashion. Like clockwork, the launch of the third act of ValuingEpisode 2 brings with it a host of new additions highlighted by a tropical map that transports players to the Bermuda Triangle.

You’ll be able to experience the new locale “Breeze” on April 27 alongside a new Battlepass and Forsaken skinline. Inspired by the Caribbean islands, the new map swaps the angular world of Icebox for a wide open and brighter setting, according to developer Devon Fay. The exposed spaces provide longer sightlines, encouraging players to adopt new team strategies and compositions, the company says. Whether Breeze lives up to the other cards remains to be seen, but the main focus of episodic updates is to get players to get back into the action. In that sense, Breeze’s large choke points and the focus on controlling territory might do the trick.

The new episode also features a Forsaken skinline with her own lore. The new weapon skins are described as the twisted “mirror image” of Sovereign, with sharper edges and deep grooves mixed with emerald effects that look more like fantasy horror than sci-fi. A total of five skins are available in the pack as part of the Premium Edition Pass for 7,100 Valorant Points (VP) (approximately $ 70). As usual, weapons can be upgraded to gain custom models, visual effects, audio, and finishers.


As for the new Battlepass, it costs 1,000 VP ($ 10) and includes new skins, radianite points, cards, sprays, and keychain-type companions for your weapons. Highlights include Lightwave Frenzy and three variations, a lucky bunny friend and Paul’s Pizza party card for the free track, while the paid track includes Lightwave Phantom (level 25), Depths Vandal (level 45), melee in song steel, Dabbing Dan spray and a buddy of Dan the penguin, among others. The Battle Pass will expire on June 21, which will give you approximately seven weeks to collect the goodies.

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