VanMoof’s PowerBank can extend the range of its e-bikes up to 62 miles

VanMoof’s S3 electric bike can provide assistance from 37 to 93 miles before it runs out of power, but the company’s new accessory can significantly extend that range. The company has launched a Removable PowerBank for his S3 and X3 electric bikes, allowing you to add a range of between 28 and 62 miles. Of course, the extra range you will get depends on your level of pedaling assistance: if you are riding at the lowest level, the PowerBank can potentially help you extend the range of the e-bike to 150 miles. It is comparable to the range of mid-size electric cars, like the standard Nissan Leaf.

The company said in its announcement message:

“The accessory makes VanMoof e-bikes even more accessible, as even longer travel distances are now possible with a single charge. for the replacement of the car even more convincing. “

As the PowerBank is detachable, it can be loaded inside. The device charges from 0 to 100% in three hours and it can charge the main battery anytime, whether the e-bike is just stationary or you are riding it. You can now pre-purchase an accessory from VanMoof website for $ 348, although shipping doesn’t start until June. It’s far from cheap, but it could be useful if you want to go on long-distance bike tours.

In addition to the launch of the PowerBank, the company also announced some improvements for the S3 and X3 models, including better visibility of the matrix display. We found the dot-matrix display difficult to read in direct sunlight when we tested it, and this upgrade may fix that.

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