Volkswagen to rename its US operation to “ Voltswagen of America ”

All signs indicate that Volkswagen has changed the name of its operation in the United States to “Voltswagen of America”, according to CNBC. Earlier today, the automaker prematurely released an incomplete press release on its website that it planned to share on April 29. VW quickly canceled the announcement, but not before CNBC managed to take a look at it.

A Volkswagen spokesperson declined to comment on the post, but a source “familiar with the company’s plans” told the network the document was genuine. The statement called the rebranding a “public statement of the company’s future investment in e-mobility.” The change would apparently see the Volkswagen EVs sport a badge bearing the new Voltswagen branding and a lighter blue VW logo. All petrol cars sold by the company in the future will only carry the classic VW emblem in the characteristic dark blue color of the automaker.

Mainstream automakers have all focused on branding changes focused on electric vehicles in recent months. In January, GM redesign its classic logo to evoke “the clean sky of a zero emission future”. The new design is also a visual play on the company Ultium battery technology. For Volkswagen, the change would come at a pivotal moment in its history. The company plans to offer 300 EV models by 2030 and get to a point where at least 60% of cars sold in Europe are either hybrids or electric batteries.

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