VR Nerf gun fights are coming to Oculus Quest next year

Nerf’s toy blasters switched to Pc and smartphones and are now moving towards virtual reality. Ultimate Nerf Championship is a new multiplayer shooter coming to Oculus Quest in 2022. The new game, announced at Download virtual reality showcase, Arms players with old and new blasters for team battles in Nerf arenas filled with enthusiastic fans.

Short trailer features a four-player squad, with neon-lit outfits that resemble iconic Disney costumes Tron, locking and charging before battle. The game comes from VR studio Secret Location, which won an Emmy for its work on the The Sleepy Hollow Virtual Reality Experience. Hasbro acquired the developer in 2019 as part of its $ 3.8 billion deal for Entertainment One, a media giant best known for children’s shows. Peppa Pig and PJ Masks.

That’s all we know about the new title for now, with more details expected ahead of its launch. More than twenty years after the release of Explosion of the nervous arena on PC it looks like Hasbro is trying to play again. In 2018, he even introduced an augmented reality smartphone game for his Nerf Laser Ops Pro blasters.

Stick to virtual reality and avoid the juggernaut that is Fortnite might be a good strategy. Although VR already offers a number of notable shooters, including Battle Royale Population: One – recently acquired by Oculus from Facebook through its acquisition of game developer Bigbox VR – and team shooter Hyper dash.

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