VW ‘Project Trinity’ teases cars that unlock on-demand features

Volkswagen claims he is “not afraid” of the threat posed by any Apple car and released this grim teaser image that may explain why. The image is a teaser for Project Trinity, an electric sedan that CEO Ralf Brandstätter called “our software dream car”.

Like any tart concept, it is of course designed in anticipation of advanced autonomous driving capabilities, long-range electric propulsion systems, and fast-charging battery technology, but this software is where it shows the results. plans in place. According to VW, the plan is to start production of this car in 2026, as part of a range of vehicles with fewer variants and where everything is standardized.

This means that instead of building multiple versions of the same car with varying capacities, they will build one version with everything included, but only unlockable “on demand” – and likely for a fee. Tesla has already shown something like this with driver assistance technology which is available to unlock after purchasing the car, while BMW has tried to sell features with a subscription model and is seeks to extend. As Autoblog points out that VW’s version could expand to features like all-wheel drive or unlocking aerodynamic and GTI-level management packages at short notice or even per kilometer.

According to the CEO, “In the future, the individual vehicle configuration will no longer be determined by the hardware at the time of purchase. Instead, customers will be able to add functions on demand at any time through the ecosystem. digital in the car. “

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