VW to stop selling combustion-engined cars in Europe by 2035

Volkswagen is clearly a fan of electric vehicles when it trots machines like the ID.4, but now he has a better idea of ​​when to ditch fossil fuels. As Reuters reports, said Klaus Zellmer, VW board member Munich Mercury in one interview that the automaker will stop selling combustion-engine cars in Europe between 2033 and 2035. American and Chinese drivers can expect a change “a little later,” Zellmer said, while the policy and lack infrastructure would push this change further in Africa and South America.

Around 70% of VW’s European car sales are expected to be electric vehicles by 2030, the executive added. He hoped this would put the brand in a good position if the European Union tightened its climate change targets.

VW’s plans put it slightly behind Ford and DG, both of which plan to remove combustion from major regional ranges by 2030. However, the targets still make it clear that combustion engines have only a decade on the market in some parts of the world. It may just be whether the charging infrastructure can keep up or not.

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