Watch us sing Sea Chanteys on Twitch with the longest Johns

As many folks, we here at WIRED spent a good chunk of those first few weeks of 2021 obsessed with the chanteys of the sea. Although Merchant Navy songs date back to the 19th century, they have recently become a craze on TikTok, where many people use the duet feature to create massive harmonized versions of the songs. (Have you seen these videos people singing about sugar, tea, rum and “tongue”? So you know what we’re talking about.) Soon after taking social media by storm, the general public – desperate for respite in these quarantine days – jumped on the trend. Stephen Colbert even sang their praises on The late show.

Never the type to keep our obsessions to ourselves (that’s why you love us, right ?!), we decided it was time to introduce the audience to our personal love of songs by the sea. So today at around 1 p.m. ET we’re heading to our Twitch channel do some singing. If you’re worried that our rusty pipes alone aren’t worth fixing, fear not. We asked the folk group a cappella Longest Johns to join us. They are professional singers and, luckily, passionate players, so they will teach us some tunes. while hosting us on their Sea of ​​Thieves boat. Does this sound like fun? Join us in the Twitch stream above and get ready to sing along and earn some loot.

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