watchOS 7.4 Comes With An Easier Way To Unlock Your iPhone

With iOS 14.5, Apple has rolled out updates to its other operating systems. One of the main features of the latest iOS firmware is an easier way to unlock your iPhone. As long as you wear an Apple Watch while running , you can unlock your device without needing a Face ID match or password.

The idea is to help people get to their phones faster when we’re still wearing masks most of the time. This will prevent you from having to lower your mask to unlock your phone with Face ID. You will need to enable the “Unlock with Apple Watch” option in your iPhone’s Face ID and Passcode settings to use the feature.

Also coming to watchOS 7.4 is a way to categorize the type of bluetooth device so that it can identify the appropriate earbuds for audio notifications. Additionally, you can stream audio and video from your Apple Fitness + workouts on AirPlay 2 compatible devices. Irregular heartbeat notifications and the ECG app (on Series 4 and above) are available for users in Australia and Vietnam.

Elsewhere, macOS 11.3 is available to everyone after a three-month beta. He optimizations for , as well as the support of and the latest versions of and applications. You can configure the audio output for by default, go to more sorting options in Reminders and use . Additionally, macOS 11.3 has a fix for the Shlayer malware, like notes, as well as more for Siri and new emoji.

14.5 supports new Siri voices as well as some bug fixes. As for tvOS 14.5, there is a feature that uses your iPhone to automatically calibrate the color balance on your TV. On top of all this, macOS and tvOS have supported the latest PlayStation and Xbox controllers, which will come in handy if you are gaming games often.

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